“The PlayMine” is Hiring. Are you an aspiring junior designer?

The Playmine would like to see how you chip aways at game solutions in our design mine.

Position available: Game Design Intern

Looking for candidates with simple resumes, and game design portfolio videos. School work and extracurricular work is expected to be showcased.

Necessary Skills

  • Entry level c# scripting in Unity3D
  • Technical Writing and game design Research
  • Local and Remote positions available
  • Excellent communication skills

Candidates will be trained in our production techniques and industry practices, which include Trello, production methodologies such as Agile/SCRUM, and 2D game design concepts through a game that is currently under way.

To apply, please complete our diagnostic test, include a video demonstrating its completion (guidelines described below).

Submit Résumé based on the template here (by the first Friday of the Sprint/Class Month). Please adapt your Resume to the templates available here:

You may use the Résumé template to apply at any time; however, do so only once per month.